WishesontheWind Dandelion Stamped Kraft Gift Box Packaging With Poem

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WishesontheWind Wishes Dandelion Stamped Kraft Gift Box Packaging with Poem

Choose your design from left to right (left shows with my etsy address, this listing is for choice of middle box with black ribbon and rose or box to the right with dandelion stamp)

Measures approx 53mm x 43mm (just over 2" x around 1.5") comes complete with soft cotton padding to inside.

If you wish to purchase more than 1 box just ask:)

Centre: Romance. Black ribbon and red rose
Right: Dandelion stamp

You can see the stamped designs in the background before I have tied with string..

All boxes are beautifully presented, tied up with string or ribbon and each design comes with the following verse:

Wishes on the Wind

Birds are singing in the trees
Dandelion puffs blow on the breeze
Sending this gift from me to you
May your dreams and wishes all come true