About us

Wishes on the Wind Real Flower Jewelry


All pieces are handmade in the UK

A love of nature, gardens, flowers, birds, fairies, fairy tales, trees, woodland walks, dandelions, a sprinkle of magic, a whole load of love and Wishes on the Wind was born.. Wishes on the Wind jewelry is a true labour of love from the seed of thought for a new design to the finished product..

Not to mention of course a huge love for jewelry design and passion for creating unique one of a kind items for all to love.

I gain a lot of inspiration from my surroundings and from my husband and son, they mean everything to me.. another lot of inspiration comes from my childhood which was a magical time, I hope this innocence and playfulness shines through in my creations..

I love to work with eco resin, ( A very beautiful crystal clear resin:) This resin is pine oil based unlike most other commonly used petroleum-based resins therefore great on the environment, greener and happier jewelry all round:))

My collection of jewelry draws on the environment, using eco-friendly materials and a belief that what is pure and natural holds the most beauty

I take a lot of pride in making these jewelry pieces.. The resin is layered in many stages, a process which can take days to complete. After the resin has cured the pieces are then sanded and polished to a beautiful finish using many gradients of sand paper and polishing tools.

Wishes on the Wind jewelry is packaged in natural kraft gift boxes and tied with string to compliment the jewelry pieces. Again a huge amount of love goes into the packaging. Perfect for gift giving..

I hope you enjoy browsing around my shop and feel as if you are taking a stroll in a magical garden full of jewelry:))

I love to do custom orders.. If you like to drop me a line with any idea you have or send me flowers dried from your own garden:)) also love to work with bridal bouquets...